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Another Stolen Bike!

July 10th, 2009

I am sadden, pissed off when ever anyone comes to our shop and tell us that their bicycle has been stolen. It sucks just plain out sucks.

I have posted about locking up bikes before…so why again? I get calls several times per month requesting that we keep an eye out for person’s particular bike. This past week I got a call from Natalie who had her bicycle stolen at MIT. I have got to say based on what we hear, MIT is a place where a lot of bicycles are stolen.

Most people we sell to use their bike as a major, if not sole, transportation mode. Back to Natalie, she not only is her bike sole transportation but because she has a connective tissue disease (she told me I could say that) it is her only physical therapy that does not hurt her body when she rides. The bicycle a Blue Gary Fisher Tarpon had a few distinct mods done to it to make it an easier ride for Natalie.

So, I have to ask, where do all of these stolen bikes go? Craig’s List, not such a good idea. To easy to watch and get it back. Bike shops, I seriously doubt that too. Broken down for parts? Maybe. Stolen and resold else where, I’m thinking that might fit. Perhaps stolen as to fill an request, in other words. Ask the right people for a specific bike, style, name type, etc. The go find it steal it and make a fast say $50 – $100 bucks. I’m thinking it may not be the crime of the century, but it defiantly hurts people.

If you read this pass it on and maybe, just maybe, get on the MIT Police, for example, to mount some pressure on those that might be lurking in the shadows’ or in plain site waiting to steal bicycles. I’m thinking a few sting operations or high visibility presence might just drive those who steal out of the area.

Oh yeah, and LOCK UP your bike with a decent U-Lock. Spend the cash and don’t become a victim.

And to those who might read this and think other wise…we always ask for photo IDs, such as a driver’s license, and you really don’t want to try to sell us any stolen bicycles. Now that would really suck, for you that is!