Her Very First Bike!

March 4th, 2010

So once in a while you get to take part in something bigger than yourself. And at our small and humble shop it happened just this past week. Ok so it may not had been exactly CNN news worthy. BUT it was pretty freakin’ cool! And in my book that is all that counts.

A woman to be known as Lilah came in, with some really great support, looking for her very first bicycle!
Yep, she never had ridden a bicycle before (a first for both me and Vinny). And we got to help out. Like I said, this was pretty freakin’ cool. I’ll let the video, which is very cool on its own accord, tell the rest.

Good Luck Lilah and you are the coolest! And so are your buddies! Welcome to a two wheeled world!

I am 25. from Lilah on Vimeo.

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